RAD 107 – Introduction to Radiography Physics






Lecture:           Wednesdays 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm


Instructor:        E. Rodrigo, Ph.D.

Office:              Keck 219

Office Hours:    Tuesdays 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Email:               enricorodrigo@cdrewu.edu


Textbook:        Principles of Radiographic Imaging, An Art and a Science, 5th Edition

by Richard R. Carlton, Arlene M. Adler.    ISBN-10: 1439058725


Course Content


An introduction to the physics and computational techniques required for further education in the radiography. Topics include atomic physics, quantum mechanics, radioactivity, electromagnetism, X-ray production, X-ray interactions with matter, and a comparative survey of medical imaging techniques.


Student Learning Outcomes


You will be able to demonstrate understanding of basic concepts of physics including those of force, energy, power, potential, atomic structure, nuclear structure, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.


You will be able to perform calculations supporting medical imaging.


You will be able to demonstrate understanding of circuit elements required to produce x-rays





            Homework                    14%                  140 points

            Quizzes                         16%                  160 points

            Regular Exams              40%                  400 points

            Final Exam                    30%                  300 points


100%                1000 points


Points to receive particular letter grades are shown below.


Letter Grade

Points Required


980 - 1000


940 - 979


900 - 939


880 - 899


840 - 879


800 - 839


780 - 799


750 - 779


700 - 749


680 - 699


640 - 679


600 - 639




















You must receive a minimum 750 points or 75%, a “C” or higher, to have fulfilled the requirements of RAD 107.




There will be 8 quizzes, 4 regular exams, and 1 final exam.  Each quiz counts for 2% of your grade, each regular exam for 10%, and the final exam for 30%.  All tests will be given at the start of class.  The final exam will occur on Wednesday December 13, 2017.  A missed test will receive a score of 0.  There will be no make-ups for missed tests except in rare circumstances.




There will be 14 homework assignments, each of which count for 1% of your grade.  Homework assignments will be graded as “complete” or “incomplete”.  Completed assignments, showing an honest attempt to solve each problem, will receive 10 points.   Incomplete assignments will receive 0 points.  Late assignments will not be graded.




80% attendance is mandatory to fulfill the requirements of RAD 107.  The best indicator of the content of the quizzes and exams is the material covered in class.  You are responsible for all information imparted in class including corrections to the syllabus and schedule.


Academic Dishonesty


There will be no tolerance of cheating.  All that have been established by the College of Science and Health and radiography program will be strictly enforced.  [See the CDU catalog and program student policy and procedures manual.  Cheating includes, but is not limited to, lying to excuse an absence, receiving or giving assistance during a quiz or exam, using unauthorized materials during a quiz or exam, plagiarism, and lying in any way in order to improve your grade.  If you are found be cheating, you will automatically fail the course, and the head of the program and the Dean of the College will be notified.